My Review of Tony Horton’s P90 Workout Routine

p90Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, it’s likely you’ve heard of the P90X workout system – one of the most intense workouts known to mankind.

However, P90X just isn’t for everyone. The “X” is for extreme, after all, and it’s just not something that every person can follow. If you’re not already in pretty good shape, or if you have joint problems like me, chances are you will have a difficult time trying to follow the extreme system.

That’s where the regular P90 comes in. It’s able to deliver the same dramatic results in the same 90 day time period, but the workouts are less intense, meaning they can be followed by just about everyone, regardless of your present physical conditioning state.

In addition, the workouts themselves are shorter in duration, so they are easier to follow on a busy schedule. I hadn’t worked out for a good 10 years, and I was able to jump right in (even in my flabby condition) and do the workouts just like the people on the videos. Even better, my knee and ankle didn’t end up burning like they normally do at the end of each session. Instead, I felt energized, healthy, and like I just did something very productive with my time.

What Are the P90 Workouts Like?

This was one of the first questions I asked before trying out the P90 system. I was very concerned about what exactly I could expect when I jumped in and started doing the DVD exercises, but quickly found out my worries were over nothing. In fact, these were very easy to follow, from day 1 all the way through until I hit the day 90 point.

The workouts are designed to build upon your natural capabilities. They do get more intense as time goes by, but you also get in better shape, so the intensity actually appears to remain the same. It never really feels like it’s more difficult than it was on the first day, but if you go back and do one of the earlier workouts at a later point in time, you’ll see just how easy those were compared to how far you’ve come as time goes by.

The first phase, which they call “Phase A”, starts you out by developing the core attributes you need in order to actually get in shape. Here’s how those work:

Sculpt A: This phase is all about building your essential core muscles. It adds on pounds of lean muscle without really feeling like you’re burning your muscle fibers apart or stressing yourself out. If you’ve ever lifted weights, you can compare that to this – and it’s nothing like lifting weights. It’s much less intense and easy to follow.

Sweat A: This stage is designed to build basic cardio endurance. More importantly, it starts building your metabolism and lighting a fire under your fat burning machine. This is where you’ll start to notice the pounds melting off, and really fast, too.

Ab Ripper A: Let’s face it, we all want abs, but we all know that getting a great 6 pack takes way more work than most of us are willing to invest. That’s why P90 has focused so much on this muscle region. By using high tech workouts that get the max results in the minimal amount of time, you can actually get that flat, toned stomach of your dreams without feeling like you’re killing yourself in the process.

This is probably the area of this workout I was impressed with the most. I noticed results, but was skeptical at first, because I always felt like I would have to feel an intense burn and follow a painful exercise routine to achieve these results. P90 has proved me wrong, and I love how great my stomach looks these days.

A Look at P90 Phase B

It doesn’t stop at Phase A – that’s just the beginning. After you’ve completed the first phrase, you’ll have the physical endurance needed to move on to the next stage. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get incredibly difficult at this point or anything.

Instead, it builds upon your improvements during the first phase to deliver a workout that still feels simple and easy to accomplish. It has a “B” phase for each of the sculpt, sweat, and ab ripper workouts. These just mix things up enough to make sure you don’t plateau by taking advantage of the principals of muscle confusion to continue providing increased results as you continue to work on the same muscle groups as before.

Moving on to P90 Phase C

The third and final stage exists simply to push these workouts to the next level. If you were to jump right into Phase C, you’d realize what an insane workout it really is – but it doesn’t feel that way. It’s engineered to take advantage of the endurance you will have built up by following the first two stages of the P90 workout.

As a result, you end up with an insanely sculpted body (I did, at least), without ever feeling like you’re breaking your back in order to achieve it. I never would have thought that at my age, with the condition of my joints and body, I would be able to even do these workouts, but it ended up being easier than I ever dreamed.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, check it out below to see more of how P90 works:

The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

To be fully honest, I don’t know if I ever would have risked my money to try this program if it wasn’t for the money back guarantee. I bought it figuring I would probably end up returning it and getting my money back, but if they are going to offer this guarantee, then I thought, why not try it out? If it didn’t work, I’d just send it back and get a refund. Nothing lost but my time.

This is something I wish more programs would offer, but since P90 did it, I took a chance. And it paid off more than I ever imagined.

Best Place to Buy the P90 Workout Program?

If you’re ready to buy P90, the best place to pick it up is from the official Beach Body website. Not only is it the lowest price online, but you also get some really cool bonuses to help with your workouts.


  • Saturday Special – This is a quick, intense workout you can do on Saturday to get yourself feeling good over the weekend. It’s separate from the actual program and isn’t required, but for those that want to get an extra workout in occasionally, the Saturday Special is perfect.
  • Nutrition Guide – No workout program is going to be effective if you have a crappy diet. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. With the nutrition guide, you will have a perfect eating plan that is easy to follow and will ensure your success.
  • 4-Step Power Plan.
  • “How to Hit It” Tutorial.
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band.
  • 6-Day Shred.
  • 90 Day workout calendar.
  • 24/7 online support where you can get help and tips from other fitness experts.

In order to get all of these bonuses, you must buy from the official website.


For me, P90 is the perfect workout program. I like how it wasn’t quite as intense as P90X, but still delivers awesome results.

As a matter of fact, I feel like now that I’ve gone through the full P90 program, I might be able to step up to P90X since my body is in much better shape and I think I can handle it now.

So if you’re like me and you’re looking for an effective workout program, but would like to start with something a little less intense than P90X, give P90 a try. You won’t be disappointed. And with the money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

Proven Ways To Recover From Your Workout Faster

recoveryWorking out is tough, if it wasn’t, then it wouldn’t be “working” out. Aside from the normal fatigue after any strenuous activity, our muscles tend to complain a lot after a good workout.

This dull achy feeling means your workout was a success, but it also deters you from wanting to workout again right away. This feeling of soreness can last anywhere from a day to several days, depending on your type of workout and its intensity. But, you’re trying to get results here and you want to speed up the recovery process and get back to the exercising, right? No worries, we’ve rounded up several scientifically proven ways to do just that. While some of these are just common knowledge, you’d be surprised to know how many people are oblivious to them.

Consume Protein

Whether you choose the supplement route, or you have a high protein diet, protein is your bodies best friend after a workout. Protein provides our bodies with the means to create amino acids, crucial to repairing muscles damaged during workouts. Consuming protein before a workout prompts your body to start muscle synthesis (The fancy name for your bodies way of repairing muscle tissue). This allows the healing process to get a head start and possibly even occur as you’re working out. Consuming protein before bed on a day you pushed your limits, gives your body a boost in repairing itself throughout the night as you sleep. Ensuring that you’ll feel much better in the morning.

Take a Cold Shower

Protein is a great recovery booster, but it doesn’t do much for instant relief. Taking a cool bath or shower after your workout provides instant relief, with benefits that last. Yes, hot water feels better on sore muscles, but it also invites swelling. Which, in the long run is going to hurt more. Cold, or cool water soothes stressed muscles and reduces pain and the chance of swelling, or inflammation for up to24 hours. Not only will it get rid of the exhausted feeling, it’ll prevent that “Oh, it hurts to move” feeling later. It doesn’t have to be swimming in Antartica cold, so no need to go freezing yourself. Even room temp water can do the trick.

Stretching and Rolling Muscles

Stretching before exercising reduces the risk of injury, pain and cramping during and post workout. Stretching afterwards helps to relieve and relax your freshly stressed muscles. A lot of the soreness that comes after exercising is due to our muscles and fascia (connective tissue running throughout the body) becoming knotted. Rolling out muscles with foam or semi-rigid rollers can help remove these knots and prevent muscle imbalances from forming. However, be warned: While effective, this method isn’t exactly pain free (we’re untying muscle knots, after all!).

Implement these strategies after your P90 workouts and you will see even better results!

Proper Nutrition to Recover From Your P90 Workouts

pre-workout-meal-nutritionIt would be fair to assume that you’ve heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Even though breakfast is a very important meal, when you’re working out, you should definitely pay the most attention to your pre-workout nutrition and your post-workout nutrition. These are the meals that you eat before and after your workout and they play a huge role in the results that you will see during your health and fitness journey, like when following a program like P90.

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Your pre-workout nutrition is very important and it doesn’t differ much depending on your goals. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in the gym, you’ll want to have a fair amount of protein, quite a large amount of low-glycemic carbohydrates (these are better as they are utilized over a longer period of time) and a small amount of fat.

This will give you the energy to soar through your workout and get the results that you’re looking for. Make sure to stay away from high-glycemic carbohydrates and food such as candy, sugar, fast foods and anything else of that nature. You might think these will give you more energy but they will actually give you a “crash”, meaning that you’ll have a small burst of energy but then it will feel as if you have no energy at all!

Post-Workout Nutrition

Your post-workout meal will differ heavily depending on whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass. If you’re trying to lose weight then it’s important to have a small meal containing all the macronutrients (i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fat). After your workout your body will be depleted of energy and this can often lead to cravings (which you definitely don’t want!).

If you’re trying to pack on muscle mass then now is a great time to get a big meal in, make sure to get all the macronutrients (especially proteins and carbohydrates). Many people advocate that you should consume a fair amount of high-glycemic carbohydrates along with protein shortly after your workout as this helps deliver the protein into your body and helps the body utilize it better. However, the argument is still being debated. For now, just make sure that you get a good amount of calories and macronutrients to replenish your energy sources.

About the Trainer: Tony Horton

Tony HortonTony Horton is a personal trainer who has changed the world of fitness with his revolutionary workout programs. Horton may look like fitness perfection now, but he wasn’t always the picture of health.

Growing up in Connecticut, Horton described himself as a weakling. At only 98 lbs and attempting to overcome a speech impediment, he was worlds away from where he is today.

While in college at the University of Rhode Island, he took a weightlifting class and became interested in fitness. His love for fitness continued when he moved to California and began giving fitness lessons for $20 per session out of his garage. Over time, his clientele grew to include various celebrities and stars.

Horton started perfecting his workouts and created a series of exercise videos. Through over twenty years of experience, he learned what worked, what didn’t, and what sequence for exercises to get the maximum results.

He created, changed, and perfected his workouts.

Finally, after years of hard work, Tony Horton created the revolutionary P90X workout.

P90X took the fitness world by storm, changing bodies and getting people world-wide into top physical condition.

Tony Horton the personal trainer is much more than just the face of the popular P90X workout program. He is one of the best trainers in the world. He uses his expertise and experience to change people’s lives every day. He has worked with sports athletes, TV and movie stars, as well as average citizens. He knows what works for people and understands just how to unleash everyone’s fitness potential.

Horton loves what he does and it shows during his personal training sessions as well as his fitness programs. He is always working to create an even better program and maximize the work you put in.

Horton uses discipline and hard work mixed in with just the right amount of humor, fun, and encouragement to make his clients feel comfortable and determined. He is simply great at what he does. When working with Horton, the results are limitless.

Tony’s newest program is called P90 and you can check out our review of it on the homepage.

P90 vs the Original P90X: What’s the Difference?

P90 vs P90XP90 and P90X are both highly popular home workout programs created by fitness expert Tony Horton, but what’s the difference between them?

When compared side by side, it becomes apparent that there are both a variety of similarities and differences when it comes to goal, content, target audience, and difficulty.

Goal: P90 vs P90X

The P90 and P90X have the same goal: to help people lose weight, improve their figures, and get more fit and healthy in just 90 days.

Content: P90 vs P90X

The P90 workout includes seven workouts in total. There are sculpting circuits for shaping muscles, cardio sessions for sweating off fat, and ab rippers for obtaining the perfect abs. Compared to this, the P90X’s range of workouts is much larger, allowing it to cover each muscle group morein depth. Neither workout requires much equipment at all; in fact, the only equipment required is a pair of dumbbells or perhaps resistance bands. Other than that, one only needs the natural resistance of their body weight to complete these exercises.

Target Audience: P90 vs P90x

The P90X is not for everyone, as it is designed for people who are not necessarily at their most fit but are at least already in good shape. The P90, on the other hand, is more for people who aren’t in shape, have just recovered from an injury, or are just getting back into the habit of exercising. Because of this, the P90 is often considered the baby step or pre-requisite for the P90X.

Difficulty: P90 vs P90X

Without a doubt, P90 is easier to complete than the P90X. This is to be expected because of the difference in target audience. In order to be more doable for people less familiar with rigorous exercise, the P90 workouts are significantly lower in intensity.

Overall, both workouts are very similar if only on separate levels. On a final note, there is one more similarity to note: as long as you stick with the workouts diligently, you will see visible results by the end of the 90 days.